Mushrooms on a sunny day

It’s a really cool phase of life when you see your kiddos adopt a way of life that follows in a shared passion. We began hiking adventures when our youngest two spent more time in a stroller than on their own two feet. Over the years we ditched the stroller and added in scooters and bikes. Nowadays we can all bike together or hit an unpaved path through the woods. It’s become the avenue through which we connect as a family. The siblings seem to create new games; they laugh more and argue less. Little things like sharing a Camelbak straw aren’t so disgusting to opinionated kids that suddenly are germaphobes. It’s amazing how being hot together creates a let’s-share-our-resources attitude! Another plus is David and I have uninterrupted conversations. Here’s the deal: we are more at peace within ourselves and united as a family unit after some kind of exercise in nature.

We know parenting is tough work and days can be long. In this world that beats others up verbally and often offers little more than a weak acceptance, we are continually striving to focus on the gifts our children possess. As a mother I never want to toot their horns like a squawking parrot. I also don’t feel the need to verbalize to the world their unique challenges either. Suffice it to say, we Marques all have our individual hang ups and things we wrestle with. We are on a path to accepthing our challenges as such and STILL pressing on to make choices in light of eternity. This is our hope: that each one of us will live with eternal significance in mind. We accept our weaknesses and need for Jesus. He is the refiner of our souls. We have witnessed God use our challenges for good and we dare not live in despair.

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